Computer Vision

Here you can view some examples and applications of the computer vision.

BusAlarm on TV

BusAlarm work has been reported on TV News. Here is the video (italian).

Camera calibration

Calibrated cameras allow metric measurements. In this video you can see how the distance between the target object (chessboard) and the camera can calculated. Moreover here you can see an example of augmented reality: the cone is superimposed always at the correct orientation (the target palne).

Augmented reality

Here is another simple example of augmented reality. This time the cube is drown onto the chessboard plane and follows its orientation while it is moved.

Augmented realitty on the iPhone 3G S

Using camera calibration and object detection we are able to calculate the object’s plane, thus we can correctly draw the cube by solving the PnP problem to obtain camera pose.

Unfortunately the combination between iPhone 3G S and no optimized CV libraries porting on the iOS makes tasks like these quite hard to run on this architecture.