Here you will find my products and applications. Please visit the presentation post for more information about security on downloading this software. Moreover, please note that all of the following iOS and Mac OS apps and other downloads come for free.

eyeClip app icon eyeClip for OS X: This is an totally accessible video editing application. Now also visually impaired users can compose their own videos. Go to the software’s home page to learn more.
Book2Speech icon Book2Speech: This application let you to convert text files into audio tracks. It is an advanced text and tracks manager. Go to the application’s home page to learn more.
J-Myth20 icon J-Myth20: This Java emulator is my tribute to the Commodore VIC-20, my first home computer. Go to the emulator’s home page to learn more.
BrailleTexts app icon BrailleTexts app: This app let you to write, share and fine editing messages using the Visual Braille increasing typing speed up to four letters per second. Go to the app’s home page to learn more.
BraillePad app icon BraillePad app: This app let you a fast write and share messages using the technique of the Visual Braille. You can also write messages using your finger as a pen due to the high-quality handwritten-OCR. Go to the app’s home page to learn more.